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Welcome to The M Site, the site about the presentation of Manchesters 6th terrestrial television channel Channel M.

Well it's all abit basic at the moment seeing as I've only just realised I can recieve the channel by placing a bent coat hanger in a certain place in a certain room in my house and get not a bad picture. Previously I could only recieve it through a continuous snowstorm of imense proportions.

Anyway tell me what you think about the site in the guestbook, if you want to contact me directly you can email on ashleyb@ashfish.co.uk.

PLEASE NOTE! This site is not an official site and has absolutely no connection to Channel M.The files provided on this website are for entertainment/educational purposes only. We gain no profit whatsoever from them. The copyright of the images and videos on thissite belong to the respective television companies. If you have any concerns over the appearance of an image or video, please contact me to have the credit given for the items or to have them removed.

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