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  Channel 5
Presention from the main channel.

LATEST UPDATE: 7th May 2015: One new idents added, 'Big Brother 2015, Timebomb'.
  Channel 5 +24
Presention from the main channel.

LATEST UPDATE: COMING SOON!: There's nothing in this section yet, but should be along soon...
  5 Star / Fiver / Five Life
Presention from Channel 5's second channel.

LATEST UPDATE: 11th January 2015: 5 Star Idents March 2013 to Now - The Three idents from the current set have been added.
  5 USA / Five USA / Five US
Presention from the the American themed channel.

LATEST UPDATE: 30th March 2010: Channel 5 Idents February 2011 to Now - The Five USA idents for Christmas 2006 & 2007 have been added.
Presention from the the newest channel from the group.

LATEST UPDATE: 15th April 2015: Spike - Launch Ident - The first ident shown on the channel.
  5 News and Weather
How the News and Weather has been presented on Channel 5 over the years.

LATEST UPDATE: 20th February 2012: Channel 5 News February 2012 to September 2014 - Coverage of the new look introduced in February 2012 addded.
  Children's Strands
Presention from Channel 5's childrn's and teenage strands, from milkshake! to The Core.

LATEST UPDATE: 30th march 2010: Shake! 2009 to 2010 - presention from the return of the 'Shake! strand at weekends.

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