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  Five's digital TV channel five life was rebranded as FIVER from Monday 28th April 2008 in an effort to make it "younger, faster, louder". The new on-air look is based on a constantly moving cursor delivering unpredictive text to the viewer. It will reference popular culture and will change to reflect seasonal and topical events. The interface is energetic and colourful drawing on a range of bright colours.

Hannah Barnes, the director of programmes for Fiver and Five US, said: "The channel has enjoyed considerable success since launch 18 months ago and the time is right to build on that success with an exciting raft of new programming. Fiver will hold on to the best bits of [Five] Life but be younger, faster and louder."

Lisa Opie, Fiveís Managing Director of Content, said: ďIím really excited about FIVER. Its new position will complement the Five family perfectly. Itís absolutely the right time to refresh the channelís identity to better reflect its development in content. FIVER is the first step toward an invigorated and refreshed portfolio.Ē

The revised brand strategy was developed in conjunction with strategic brand consultancy Dave, part of the Engine Group.

On Monday 21st April 2008, 'Five Life' became 'Fiver'. These are examples of the promotions run on the lead upto the rebrand.



A promo advertising the fact the channel is changing it's name.



A promo advertising the fact the channel is changing it's name.



A promo for the new series "Dirt" on Fiver.



A promo for the new series "Glamour's Best dressed" on Fiver.

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